Seadragon and Photosynth Create s Seamless Way To View and organize Digital Photos

As a photographer, it has always been a challenge to keep your archives organized. With the advent of digital photography, you can now easily organize your photos, but often times accessing or viewing many photos from many different archives can be a struggle. This problem is then compounded by the idea of meta tagging all of your images. The task is so daunting that many photographers hire assistants to do this for them. Unfortunately this problem is often shared by amateur and professional photographers. Well Microsoft is working on a new product called Photosynth that could change the way we view, index and tag our digital photos.

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Imagine if you could take all of your photos, lay then down next to each other and then seamlessly zoom in to view any image or any group of images. Imagine if it was as seamless as google earth is. Viewing digital photos would take on a hole new meaning. Well that is exactly what Seadragon does. It makes microfiche look like a silly kids toy. Seadragon can also with text where you can view hundreds of books on your screen and then seamlessly zoom into any page and make a single letter fill your monitor.

Now take the seamless viewing capabilities of Seadragon, add some special recognition and you have a new product called Photosynth. Photosynth uses the power of Seadragon to display images and then uses an algorithm to special reference between like images. In other words it can take multiple images and seamlessly create an animated sequence or stitch them together so you can see a panoramic image. The best part of Photosynth is you do not need to tell it anything. The algorithm detects the special properties of the image and then joins that image to other like images. Take that idea a step further and apply it to the world wide web. Now you can bring together billions of images and create some amazing scenes.

If this technology is released to the public, organizing your digital photos to submit to Surfer will become a whole lot easier.

Check out this video in how Photosynth and Seadragon will provide a seamless way to view digital photos.